Saturday, January 25, 2014

What I'm Listening To - Stuff You Should Know

If you can only listen to one podcast this week I would say you should listen to Mitch Joel's Six Pixels of Separation episode on Content Shock - the idea that humans are consuming the maximum amount of content possible, but marketers and entertainers keep making more and more. But since I recommended you listen to Mitch's show last week I will make a second suggestion.

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If you have time to listen to two podcasts this week the second one should be Stuff You  Should Know's new episode on the Deep Web.

Stuff You Should Know is the first podcast released by the How Stuff Works emporium that I ever listened to. I have almost never been disappointed in an episode. I learn from each episode. I laugh with each episode.

This morning I listened to Chuck and Josh talk about those millions of pages on the world wide web which we never see. Things that are behind pay walls, security systems, or just simply not crawled by search spiders.

It's fascinating to hear about how much is out there. I remember in the 90s when the internet was becoming something people had in their homes. We were told we could have all the information we wanted at our fingers, all we had to do was type in the URL and get access to it. But eventually (probably already at that time) there was way too much on the web for someone to have every URL. Not only that, each person has no easy way of keeping a record of every URL they have ever visited, or want to in the future. Thus search engines were created.

This was a great half hour of information about all the places search engines don't go.

If you don't have time for either of these two shows, I recommend subscribing to BrainStuff on iTunes. You will get bite sized episodes of trivia to use in any networking crisis. Like, did you know that Pez was created as a smoking cessation aid?

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