Friday, January 31, 2014

What I'm Reading - Owner Magazine

Just yesterday I wrote about how important it is to maintain a balance between selling yourself or your business and talking with others on social media.

Today, I read this slightly cheeky, but frighteningly familiar blog post, by Chris Brogan "You Can't Talk About Yourself Enough, Apparently". In the post Chris shares the fact that a large number of his audience have no idea what he does. To be fair, he does a lot of things, he blogs, he teaches online workshops, he is a published author (Amazon affiliate link), he is a podcaster, he is the co-founder of the unconference, PodCamp Boston. But the thing he is doing now, which he is surprised so many people don't know about is, is that he is publishing an digital magazine called Owner Magazine.

I follow Owner Magazine in two ways, through the RSS feed which sends every new article to a website which collects them for me, and through an email newsletter which gets sent to me with new articles.

What's great about Owner Magazine is that Chris has spent years building an amazing network of people in many industries and with many hobbies and passions so he gets great articles written by interesting people.

There are posts on photography, getting organized, creating quotes and invoices, using Twitter lists and more. Not every article applies to me, but I find a bit of wisdom to carry with me each time I read through it.

And not to worry, even though it's called Owner Magazine, it's not only for business owners and entrepreneurs. It's for anybody that wants to own their life and take control.

So head over to and remember who sent you, Candice Lepage, owner of Circle of Media, helping you learn how to promote your business using online communications.

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