Thursday, October 26, 2023

Back in time for Spooky Season

We’re back for the Fall!

Summer “break” was quite busy for both Steph and Candice and extended into very busy Septembers, but we are back in time for Spooky season.


Special event 

November 7th at 7pm The Wall Between: What Jews and Palestinians Don’t Want To Know About Each Other book launch and conversation at the Cinema with authors Raja Khouri and Jeffrey Wilkinson

Tickets are $10 and can be bought at the bookstore.


Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fans 

The Colorado Kid by Stephen King 

Cell by Stephen King 

Lisey’s Story by Stephen King 

The Big Book of Science Fiction edited by Jeff VanderMeer 


Nightmare Alley & Cronos by Guillermo del Toro 

Misery by Rob Reiner

Silence of the Lambs


ET The Extra Terrestrial 


James Vs Cinema watching Suspiria (2018) for the first time - 


Intro and Chit Chat - 0:00 - 13:00

Summer break updates - 13:15 - 20:15

Candice’s horror movie marathon 20:30 - 28:45

What has Steph been reading 29:00 - 32:00

Candice Stephen King update 32:00 - 40:00

Musicians who change styles mid career  40:00 - 47:00

Suspiria soundtrack and movie 47:00 - 49:30

Strange tales that have become children’s stories - 49:30 - 58:14

Stephen King update redux - 58:14 - 1:00:00

Special Event announcement - 1:05:00



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