Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Movie Review: The Decline

This week on End Credits, we’re kind of in a celebratory mood despite the pandemic. This week, we’re delivering our 150th episode, and we’re unofficially kicking off season four of the show. For this timely occasion, we have a timely movie, and it’s French-Canadian too. On this show, we’re going to review The Decline, and we’re also going to talk about what we’ve learned from the first 150 episodes of the show.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Cli-fi is a genre now?

Steph and Candice check in again on how life, work and entertainment is going during work from home times.

Hint, it's a lot of television watching, way more than usual

Listen along to hear what they've been watching, reading and maybe eating!


The Flooded Earth by Mardi McConnochie

American War by Omar El Akkad

Melmoth by Sarah Perry

Misery by Stephen King

Tommyknockers by Stephen King

A Matter of Taste by Rebecca Tucker


Movie commentary with friends from Candice's podcast, 100% Candice

What is Cli-Fi? 

Read what Stephen King thought of Annie Wilkes, villain of Misery. 


00:33 Intro

01:30 Missing movies with friends

05:50 Choosing what movies to watch

06:50 The Outer Limits reboot of the 90s

09:10 The X-Files conspiracy theory

10:16 Telling stories through years long series

14:30 Role playing games and playing characters outside yourself

19:03 How we communicate in audio without visual cues

22:00 How our reality is different from the tropes of sci fi

24:00 Giving people the nod while out for a walk

26:17 Reading updates

30:50 The Stephen King update

39:10 Steph realizes keeping a journal might be a positive thing, again.

43:45 Candice's accidental food industry book club 

48:50 Plea to support local businesses

49:46 What do live events and celebrations look like now?


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