Thursday, November 24, 2022

Podcast Appearance: 78 Episodes, 30 Good Ones Episode 22

Star Trek Deity Candice Lepage stops by as we discuss the Star Fleet HR Department, migraine-inducing overacting and Candice marvels at a characters kick-ass intelligent gal power! Plus, pie debates and fashion faux pas. 

Episodes Reviewed - "Dagger Of The Mind", "Amok Time"

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Podcast Appearance: 78 Episodes, 30 Good Ones Episode 22

 It's "Amok Time" time! If you ever wondered about how I identify as Vulcan, this episode will help you understand more.

I join Oliver Rockside for another good and bad episode of Star Trek: The Original Series on 78 Episodes, 30 Good Ones.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Movie Review: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

This week on End Credits, we get excited to remember. The long anticipated sequel to Black Panther arrives in theatres, and it carries with it a hint of sadness because of the death of its star. While a new Panther arises in Wakanda Forever, we will first talk about some of the latest film news that has gotten chins wagging recently around streaming issues and Oscar buzz.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Books, books, and more books (someone has a problem!)

It's an oversized episode all about the books we bought, were gifted, or otherwise acquired this month


Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King

The Forbidden Body: Sex, Horror, and the Religious Imagination by Douglas Cowan

Sing, Nightingale by Marie Helene Poitras

What Remains of Elsie Jane by Chelsea Wakelyn

Suite as Sugar: and Other Stories by Camille Hernandez-Ramdwar

High Times in the Low Parliament by Kelly Robson

Our Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha

My Hygge Home: How To Make Home Your Happy Place by Meik Wiking

The Spirited Kitchen: Recipes and Rituals for the Wheel of the Year by Carmen Spagnola

The Nature of Economies by Jane Jacobs

Wisdom from the Homeless: Lessons a Doctor Learned at a Homeless Shelter by Neil Craton M.D.

I Feel Bad About My Neck: and Other Thoughts on Being a Woman by Nora Ephron

The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin


Silent Night, Deadly Night series of films

Toys of Terror - Youtube Trailer

Divided opinions on Krampus (Youtube Trailer) and Nightmare on Elm Street (special effect in question)

The Night House - Youtube Trailer **CW: deals with suicide and depression

1408 - Youtube Trailer

Gerald's Game - Youtube Trailer

Inside Out - Youtube Trailer


00:30 Steph and Candice Catch-Up on the month that was October

11:10 Candice's Stephen King update

17:30 Steph's newly acquired books this month

33:30 Candice's newly acquired books this month

39:30 Young Adult novels as a genre

43:30 On rewatching and rereading favourites

46:30 Final update on Candice's Horror Movie watch-a-thon

1:07:00 Clips from Nina Nesseth Author Event



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