Thursday, August 18, 2022

Podcast Appearance: 78 Episodes, 30 Good Ones Episode 15

It's Nerdo Heaven! Candice Lepage, Heavy D, Jasen Buch & Steve Cloutier show up at my abode to tell me I am very wrong about ST comedy and a beloved fan favourite. Plus, reflections on the life of Nichelle Nichols and added DS9 talk! 

Episodes reviewed - "A Piece Of The Action" "The Trouble With Tribbles" 

Credits - Natalie Caputi - Editor

Podcast Appearance: 78 Episodes, 30 Good Ones Episode 15

 It's a Star Trek episode roundtable about my favourite episode of The Orginal Series - The Trouble with Tribbles.... plus some other god awful episode about heaters.

I joined Oliver Rockside, and other co-hosts Jasen Buch, Stephanie Tyler, and Steve Cloutier for this one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Movie Review: X

This week on End Credits, we’re doing one last show before a summer vacation*. Yes, it’s summer, and that means it’s a time for rock concerts and road trips, and by sheer coincidence, that’s what this week’s show is about. In a rare double review, we will talk about the new Netflix doc about Woodstock ’99 and the best homage to Texas Chainsaw Massacre you’ll ever see!