Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Why

This summer I spent some time working on my business plan. The nuts and bolts of it, you know, who my customer is, how many of them there are, where to find them, that part happened really quickly. But the tricky part was understanding why I do the work I do, why I chose the clients I work with.

It took me a few months of working on the mechanics of the plan to get to the part where I was able to put into words my why.

I love Guelph. I've lived here for 34 years and have never wanted to leave. Many people who live in this city talk fondly of it's quirkiness, it's Guelphness. I believe what makes this city unique is the incredible diversity of people who live here.

Guelph is made up of one community which has strong academia, a varied manufacturing sector, a prosperous small business sector, an Italian tradition that permeates, a Scottish tradition you see in the stonework, urban and rural agricultural sectors and the list goes on. In fact I challenge you to find something that Guelph is missing.

I feel that keeping this city the way I want it, providing me business opportunities, arts and entertainment, intelligent discourse, clean water and parks, local food, means supporting those things I love.

Making sure that Guelph continues having a large and varied industrial core, unique events and a strong community means that I get to keep the city the way it is.

So, I work with those industries, events, and organizations that contribute to the city and make sure that they stay in operation.

Guelph's economic and social diversity is important to me and I want it to continue to flourish. So I help build businesses and events and organizations market themselves online. My why.

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