Thursday, March 19, 2015

Respect For Artists in Canada - 100% Candice Episode 005

As though you didn't get enough of me this week! I recorded an episode on Monday but am only releasing it today.

Turns out I ran out of room in my Libsyn account! I didn't see that coming. Took a few days, but I fixed it so I can release episodes again. So, I guess I will start to encode my files a bit smaller - not relevant to you the standard podcast listener, you probably won't even notice.

So, I don't much remember this episode, it was a bunch of days ago. It's a bit of a ramble about the music industry and the food industry and me.

I also had an interruption about halfway through so needed to re-record the last half hours later.

What's important though is that you go listen to some Alun Piggins, you go see some live music, and you send me some of your favourite indie artists.

Cue up this video to play over the final seconds of this episode


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