Monday, March 9, 2015

Did you know I do another podcast too?

So, you seem to enjoy listening to me talk about my private thoughts. How about listening to me talk about Canadian music?

Way back in August or September my friend Anthony Marco, on his own personal podcast Love Hate Things, mentioned the idea of wanting to do a show talking about all those Canadian radio hits which have seeped into our Canadian conscious.

As a long time fan and supporter of music and musicians (never a groupie, but what I like to call a patron and what my old friend Matthew Osborne called a superfan), I have a serious love and lots to say about Canadian music.

So, within moments of hearing Anthony on his show float the idea of talking music I was onboard.

It took a few months of not talking about it before we finally began but luckily at the beginning of December 2014 we recorded our first episode where I talked about Corey Hart's Sunglasses At Night.

We recorded sporadically, about once every two or three weeks. And last week was recording week!

So, head over to Talking is Dead and cue up the newest episode of Canned Con Cast and hear me laugh a bit more than I cry.

And because you might not know about the genius and loveliness which was Matthew Osborne, the only musician I ever hauled gear for, you must press play on this video.


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