Thursday, December 4, 2014

What I'm Listening To - NBN Radio

I love podcasts! I love something I can play in the background while I'm working, walking, drifting off to sleep. Some are informative, some are fun, today's was both!

NBN Radio is a companion podcast to the book New Business Networking, hosted by Dave Delaney.

I first met Dave at Tweetstock in Brantford a couple years ago. His book wasn't published yet, but he was one of the speakers, talking about networking online and offline.

At some point in his presentation he spoke about a podcast he used to do with his wife, and talked about the Canadian podcasting community, of which I count myself a member. 

We chatted afterwards and I asked him if he was still podcasting. He had moved to Nashville, but was still doing a personal podcast, Walking With Dave, so I subscribed.

Because he kept popping up in my podcast feed it wasn't difficult to keep up to date on his life and when he launched his new, more business focused show, NBN Radio, I was one of his first subscribers.

NBN Radio is a show where Dave interviews a business or marketing whiz, sometimes authors, sometimes podcasters, many times both.

Today I was pleased to listen to his new episode interviewing Mark Blevis, a podcaster and author and basically godfather of the Canadian podcast scene.

Not only was the show fun, informative, and inspiring, it was intimate, like being in a conversation with two old friends.

In fact, having met both of these men IRL (in real life), conversed with them often through social media, and listened to both of their personal podcasts (Mark's got his own too) I definitely feel that they are my friends.

And that folks is the power of podcasting. Listening to a person share some of their thoughts and learn from others through interviews can really build a relationship. It's a great way to offer yourself to a large number of people who might want to take the time to get to know you. And as they say, all things being equal a person would rather do business with someone they know, like, and trust.

But that is only a one way relationship. Dave does a great job of making it a two way relationship by including feedback from listeners in his show, and more importantly by encouraging his listeners to be members of the NBN Club, a private Facebook group for entrepreneurs to learn from each other, challenge each other and share highs and lows.

You don't need to be a listener to join the club, by the way. You can join too!

I'm constantly amazed when I look around my life and think of all the benefits I get from fully taking part in the online space. I'm so glad I jumped in. Won't you join me?

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  1. Thanks a million for this, Candice. I'm thrilled you're enjoying the podcast and NBN Club. You rock!