Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's not stalking, it's research!

I spent more than the usual amount of time online today stalking other people. Of course, in my case it's called research.

I have had 3 meetings in the last few days which might result in new strategy clients. So, step one for me is to have a look at what my potential client has been doing, who they are following and engaging with, who is talking to or about them. Then I step back and try to decide who they want to be talking with.

Right now, it's a lot of data analysis and a lot of numbers. I like that part. I like to dive in and really figure out what is going on. The best part of that, is finding the places where something can be changed.

Then comes the second part, how do we make those changes? If you are trying to reach women with university aged children and most of the people responding to you are men who run businesses then we've got some work to do!

Maybe you are putting energy into the wrong online network. Maybe you are posting the wrong content. And in some cases, it can actually be a learning opportunity because you can find a market you didn't realize existed.

When I first began offering tutorials I didn't know my market. In fact, when I started teaching other people how to use Facebook and Twitter I didn't even know I had a market. I was working as the marketing manager for another company. It took time and attention to realize that I had two pretty interesting niche targets. I work primarily with not-for-profits and real estate agents.

So, despite the fact that I looooooove Twitter, I actually get quite a lot of business from LinkedIn. Which reminds me, I should get over there and do some posting and commenting on my connections posts!

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