Sunday, December 7, 2014

Face to Face Time, again

Just a quick post for today, I'm all tuckered out from socializing!

Tonight was the fourth annual Secret Santa Guelph. 

A good friend started something a few years ago that not only helps the community of Guelph in a charitable way by raising money for the Food and Friends program, but also in a community building way by bringing together the active Twitter users of our city.

Secret Santa Guelph encourages local Twitterers to enter their name to be matched with someone else, to get to know that person for a month by interacting online and then brings everyone together for a great party.

This year 163 people took part in the gift exchange. The gift exchange is a $15 maximum and a minimum $25 donation to the Food and Friends program.

With that many people taking part there was certainly a good chance of being matched up with someone you don't know.

I was so glad to be matched with someone I had never met yet. I was also the recipient of a gift from someone I had never met before.

Some of the best part of the evening was getting to meet these new people who have become Twitter friends. I look forward to continuing relationships with them.

The next best part of the evening was getting to chat with friends I don't see very often because life gets in the way.

Considering how many people came to the party and how much chatter was going throughout the eBar a lot of people were enjoying the chatting with friends too.

Also, looking around the room, it is amazing to see what a great online community Guelph has. There were people from very walk of life there, business owners, University students, elected officials, public workers, volunteers, journalists. Guelph really is a community where the online life looks a lot like the real life.

One doesn't replace the other, they work together in concert. And Guelph puts on a lot of concerts.

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