Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thank a Volunteer!

Yesterday was Giving Tuesday Canada and Guelph stepped up to the challenge, hoping to be Canada's most giving city. Guelph Gives came together to help put on a great event and set a goal of raising 1 million dollars in donations and volunteer time.

And while the official numbers haven't been posted yet it is clear that Guelph met the goal. The people of Guelph still tout the time we were called the most giving community in Canada because of the high number of our population who volunteer time with organizations in the city.

If you followed my blog during the last 30 day challenge, I had a series of posts about my many volunteer posts, In Service, The Series (which I will add to sometime this month). I can testify first hand to the many amazing people we have in this city, because I have met them in the organizations I support.

Friday is International Day of the Volunteer and I hope everyone finds someone they know who gives time to the many worthy causes around them and thanks them.

I will take this opportunity to thank a person I know, who is more addicted to volunteering than I am and who has given help to almost every organization in the city. He has never not said yes when I have asked for help, or referred him to one of the organizations I know. He builds sets, he designs parade floats, he organizes races and puzzles, he puts up shelves and does floors! He even bids on auctions and wins his wife amazing trips to Hollywood. And he helps raise two amazing sons.

We could all learn a lot from my friend Jason Clattenburg on doing what you love and finding balance.

Thank you for making my city a much better place!

Photo from Children's Foundation of Guelph Wellington

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