Friday, December 12, 2014

Washington D.C. Day One

Here I am, blogging from a hotel room in Washington D.C. Well, Imagine me, because I have no selfies of me at the airport, on the subway, checking in at the hotel, or at the delicious restaurant where I just had dinner. I'm really terrible at taking selfies, or even thinking about them.

I did however think to take a photo of my wood-fired pizza at the restaurant, but it was one of those local hipster joints with craft beer and bearded gentlemen patrons, which means it was way too dark in there to take a photo of my food.

I'm in Washington D.C. this weekend to attend RootsCamp 14. It's an unconference put on by the New Organizing Institute. RootsCamp brings together people behind the scenes in politics, the people who work on getting people elected, the organizers. I'm here with some of the other Green Party team who worked on the most recent Ontario provincial election.

I'm pretty excited to be here for the weekend. I think I will learn a lot. I might even teach a little. An unconference by definition means that the attendees set the agenda, and provide the content. Any person who will be at RootCamp this weekend can hold a session and teach others. Over the last year I have taught three sessions to Green Party Members on using social media to reach voters.

But I think maybe I'd rather learn this weekend.

And maybe I'll take a couple of photos. And I certainly will keep using Foursquare to find tasty local food, like tonight's pick Rustik.

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