Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Writing Challenge

Remember back when I used to write blog posts and record podcasts? Those were good times weren't they?

I've been thinking I'd like to write more often so that I can remember how to do this. I kind of feel like taking on a blogging challenge again. But I think I'll need your help.

I want to write every day for 30 days, but I want to do it BattleDecks style, or whatever the written equivalent of that is.

So I need 30 topics, or quotes, or photos or whatever so that I can write a blog post per day on whatever I've been given.

This is the only part of this challenge where I will ask you to do work. I expect to see 30 comments on this post so that I can start on Thursday and write every day until the 15th of July.

My extemporaneous writing is strictly non-fiction. Don't expect to see any wild stories here.

And go!


  1. 1. Write about (and embed from YouTube) your favorite song from your senior year of high school.
    2. Go mobile! Take your writing device to a coffee shop and pick one person to write about but this must be a person you do not speak to or know.
    Those are my two ideas as I sit here at my PC in between work emails!

  2. 1. most supernatural life experience
    2. favourite politician (and why)
    3. the future of work
    4. the future of medicine
    5. a life outside the box (you or someone you know)
    6. what if I had become what I wanted to be when I was a kid
    7. favourite place as a child
    8. favourite place as an adult
    9. place you most want to visit
    10. friend you most regret losing touch with (or the one you never had)

    I could go on, so use any that interest you.
    Have fun!