Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Movie Review - Celebrating 300 Episodes of End Credits Radio!

This week on End Credits, we have cause for celebration. Some how, we’ve now cranked out 300 episodes of this local movie show for local movie fans, and on this distinguished occasion, we’re giving our listeners the present. Congratulations, you are about to listen to the biggest draft any movie show has ever done as we look back at some of our greatest hits!

This Wednesday, June 7, at 3 pm, Adam A. Donaldson, Candice Lepage, Peter Salmon and Tim Phillips will discuss:

300! Is this is madness? No, this is the 300th episode of the show! It was six years ago this week that we sat down and produced episode one of End Credits. It wasn’t the first movie show ever produced, but it was the Guelphiest, and to mark 299 episodes completed so far, we’re this week joined by the entire panel for the End Credits 300th Episode Draft! From the some 280-plus reviews done on this show, the cast will each draw five movies from five different categories that represent some of our best memories. This. Is. SPAR-TA!!!

Read more and listen to the episode at End Credits Radio.

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