Thursday, March 9, 2023

Women Deserve Oscars too

Steph and Candice did not watch a movie together this month, but still had lots to catch up on, including the upcoming Oscar Awards, the new Grady Hendrix novel, and the many stories by and about women that they are reading or planning to read this month to celebrate Women's History Month.


How To Sell a Haunted House  & The Final Girl Support Group  & other books  by Grady Hendrix

From A Buick 8  by Stephen King

Annie and the Wolves by Andromeda Romano-Lax

Soul Culture: Black Poets, Books, and Questions That Grew Me Up   by Remica Bingham-Risher

The Girl in the Middle: Growing Up Between Black and White, Rich and Poor by Anais Granofsky

Waking Beauty by Rebecca Solnit

The Sleeping Beauty Series  by Anne Rice



Women Talking

The Fablemans

Top Gun Maverick

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Fast and the Furious series

Hudson Hawk 



Read the full Oscars nominee list

What is a Paladin

Grady Hendrix Podcast Super Scary Haunted Homeschool 


01:30 Oscars talk

18:00 Oops, Candice disses Paladins

19:00 Recap of Podcamp Toronto (What is it, why do people go to it?)

25:00 Doing the things that bring you joy

28:18 On Hudson Hawk and 1408

34:00 Candice’s reading update and Grady Hendrix chat

44:30 Steph’s reading update

50:00 A short Degrassi side bar

52:00 On reading poetry and fairy tales by women and non-white authors

57:25 We somehow return to Grady Hendrix


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This month's episode of The Village Podcast

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