Saturday, February 11, 2023

It's not all movies... but it's a lot of movies!

Steph recommits herself to skiing, and Candice recommits herself to reading Stephen King novels. And they both get their 3 Laws of Robotics wrong, sorry Isaac Asimov!


The Dark Tower VI - Song of Susannah by Stephen King

Scattered Showers by Rainbow Rowell

After The Flood by Kassandra Montag

All City by Alex DiFrancesco




California Split - Behind the Scenes short film

Licorice Pizza, The Big Lebowski, Slacker, Go, Kids, Clerks, Clerks III, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back



Some Stephen King podcasts - Kingcast, The Losers Club, Castle Rockettes (a Guelph based podcast!)


00:00 Intro and Stephs skiing adventures

05:00 Candice's Stephen King update

14:00 A quick Star Trek: Discovery side bar conversation

16:15 Thoughts on the film Corsage

21:27 Candice and Steph's M3gan love

28:30 Steph's reading update

32:40 The difference between complex characters in books versus movies or tv.

35:50 The Robert Altman film project

 39:18 Movies about nothing

43:30 Will Steph enjoy the Jordan Peele film Nope?



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This month's episode of The Village Podcast

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