Monday, January 18, 2021

The Year That Wasn't In Review

Welcome to 2021! Steph and Candice do a mini year in review for 2020 and talk about the music and movies and restaurants they missed and the books and television and home cooking they didn't miss.


Shining In The Dark: Celebrating 20 Years of Lilja's Library edited by Hans-Ake Lilja

The Dark Tower: The Waste Lands by Stephen King


Midsommar - and how we relate to it now


Spotify's business -

Lilja's Library, a Stephen King fansite -

Stephen King Ranked - 


01:45 We start with music

11:30 Moving on to television and streaming services

16:00 Home cooking

18:00 Stephen King book club - Steph has a complementary read and we talk about rankings

33:00 How social media and criticism may have changed Stephen King

38:40 Movies - Midsommar and how it represents our collective experience

42:15 What does the future hold?


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