Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Podcast Appearance - 100 Greatest Albums: Horse by Patti Smith

 I had the honour of stepping in as host on In Your Earholes Podcast's 100 Greatest Albums project, to cover the album Horses by Patti Smith.

I have previously joined Jasen Buch on the project to cover The Who's Tommy, Carole King's Tapestry, and Fleetwood Mac's Rumours.

This episode rather than taking the guest duties, I was asked to take the host duties as Jasen usually allows his guests to choose a record, but he really wanted to choose Horses for himself. It's really just a formality, a funny little quirk added to the show. I had no real duties ;-)

Either way, I enjoyed diving into this historic record I had never spent any time with.

I hope you enjoy it too!

Listen to the episode here.

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