Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Top Ten Favourite Muppets

Sure, this blog is supposed to be more about working in social and digital medias, but The Muppets are a huge part of my life, so deal with it. Plus, the hype for the new movie has been fueled by an amazing online social media campaign, which I have gladly eaten up just like the child of the 80s that I am. And I just read this blog post from The Film Experience.

So, I present, my 10 favourite muppets. Counting down from 10.

10. Dr. Teeth - I'm not sure growing up that I could tell a difference between Dr. Teeth and Dr. John, but I loved them both!

9. Swedish Chef - the one character where a photo just doesn't do justice!

8. Scooter - might just be the most important guy working at Muppet Theatre, but you'd never know it.

7. Statler and Waldorf - this just may be the funniest picture ever!

6. Janice - she hung out with the coolest cats

5. Miss Piggy - now that's one strong independent woman!

4. Oscar the Grouch - the only one not yet ready for Primetime

3. Rowlf - The dog can play a mean piano!

2. Fozzie the Bear - the comedian is a bear!

1. Animal - You may not believe me, but I can identify with Animal's rage. I just want to yell and pound things too most of the time.

In closing... Gee it's good to be together again!

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