Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who cares what I had for lunch?

I'm always fascinated by which of my status updates create the most feedback, because it so rarely is an important or life changing piece of wisdom I'm sharing. Most recently I posed the question to my Twitter and Facebook friends "Am I the only person who doesn't like fruit or vegetable in my water?"

I immediately got responses from both networks, a few more from Facebook because the new Top Posts feature means my status update lives longer there than on Twitter.

From my completely non scientific poll, cucumber slices in water is no. Lemon or lime in water is yes. But we all take our water very seriously, and we all have an opinion. In the end I received 10 responses, which is not a huge flood of answers, but considering how many tweets or statuses get no response (except hopefully at least a chuckle from the readers), it's a pretty large amount for a completely unimportant topic.

So next time you are wondering what to say while looking at that empty status box remember your most random and real moments are likely the ones people will connect best with.

Also, the catalyst for my question was the apple slices in the jug of water at the cafe I was having a meeting at last night. I was very thirsty and wanted water. Instead I got some awful tasting hint of apple stuff that I could barely drink.

One more also, that particular status update had a typo in it. In fact, it was missing an entire word, "who". Not a single person complained about my too fast typing. So don't sweat it if you make a mistake. Relax, laugh at yourself.


  1. Atmosphere on Carden has the best fruity water, it's different every time!

  2. The Candice Law of Feedback! *Twitter and facebook beware* :) Thanks for the post :)