Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why'd I do this?

Seriously, as though I don't have enough to do!

I've kept a LiveJournal account for years, I don't even remember how long. I could have just kept blogging over there, but the majority of those posts are locked and it's a very personal sort of blog. I started it while opening my own business Simplicity Meal Solutions and used it to keep my friends up to date about how I was doing. There is definitely sensitive business information there. Of course, I've since closed my business, so maybe none of that matters anymore.

But with closing my business I started a new career path, so I might as well start a new blog.

For years, decades even, I've been a bit of a media/arts junkie. Music has been one of the most important things in my life since birth, and somewhere around 10 I became very interested in the art of movie making. I started my own zine at 10 as well, and became the editor of our class paper.

Over the years I explored these interests more, I joined bands, I wrote screenplays, I took drama and film classes and learned the behind the scenes work and I seem to remember trying to publish another zine sometime in high school.

In my 20s I realized that I just didn't have the creative chops to excel at the things I wanted to excel at. I had a great passion for the arts and an appreciation for the work, creativity, and intellect of the arts, but I was much, much better at managing a business and selling food to people. So I chose to make my career in the food industry.

For 17 years I've worked front of house and back of house in food, on the manufacturing side, the wholesaling side and the consumer side. And I loved it. I still love it, but closing my business gave me an opportunity to take all the experience I've had in selling, marketing, organizing, training and more and apply it to a different love.

So now I work with Synn Studios Inc in Guelph, a multi media arts company which specializes in film and video for both narrative and commercial applications. I get to help the artists in the company achieve their dreams of being professional script writers, directors, editors, cinematographers, music producers, photographers, live music promoters, arts magazine editors and writers, make up artist, costume designers, prop and set builders. I also get to help people with a dream of seeing their vision come to life by connecting them with the great talent at the studio.

And on a personal level I get to delve more deeply into my love of marketing by helping corporate customers build strategies on how best to deliver the message of their company to their audience online.

So,new year, new career, new blog!

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