Saturday, October 24, 2015

Episode 014 - It's really not worth the wait

Hello Friends! I'm back and I'm sorry I've made you wait so long.

A quick recap of life happens - believe me, it's boring and sounds like the same thing.

More interestingly I share which books I bought today at the Giant Used Book Sale put on by the Friends of the Guelph Public Library.

Did you miss this?

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

100% Candice Podcast, Episode 013 - The One I Did Live!

Photo by Barry Furnival (Barry J of Late Night QRM)
This past weekend was the Marshall McLuhan Podcaster Roundtables. People drove, flew, ferried from all across North America and came together in Hamilton Ontario to hang out. And hang out we did. Much food, drink and talk was found in Hamilton this weekend, and more importantly, much friendship.

On Saturday afternoon, upstairs at the Aout 'n About we set up and took turns recording our shows in front of the group. This is my story.

Some characters may recognize themselves in my story. I hope you don't mind my sharing this.

Theme song (added in post) by Aaron Soch.
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Monday, July 13, 2015

100% Candice Podcast, Episode 012

Rejoice! I tried using my new Blue Yeti microphone to record this one, which means that it took me two days after recording to learn some Audacity settings to use. And I'm definitely not sure I know what I'm doing with it yet.
You've got mouth noises galore, lots of high end ssssss sounds and two day old thoughts.

I might end up going back to BossJock for the quick record and release. Once I didn't get the episode finished before leaving on Saturday night, there was a very real possibility of it not getting out at all. Of course I know that with practice it will get faster adding the theme song and levelling out the tracks.

And I guess I will practice where and how to place the mic to get the best sound to begin with. Wait, this is starting to sound like work!

A few links to go along with my words:
Android App built by Charlie DeLong to listen to 100% Candice
Collection of every podcast hosted by Anthony Marco
Marshall McLuhan Podcaster Roundtables second annual event is in Hamilton July 24-26

Is there someone in your life who has influenced you somehow? Why don't you send them a note and let them know!

Monday, June 22, 2015

100% Candice 011 - It's a downer

Hey folks! I'm still moving forward, ever forward, but sometimes with a few steps backwards.

Summer is my toughest season. A little seasonal depression to add to my sadness, but I'll make it through. I'll just be doing it a bit slower than usual.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New podcast episode - 100% Candice takes on audio

This photo taken a month ago,
before all the leaves came in.
New month, new episode!

I feel the need once again to bring up the audio quality of Gimlet Media podcasts. Remember this post about the not fantastic audio in their shows. Yeah, I felt the need to talk about it again. However, the content of their shows is super good, interesting and engaging.

There is lots of ambient noise in this one since I recorded while sitting in my backyard enjoying the humidity free weather. I'm not sorry.

Monday, May 18, 2015

100% Candice Episode 009 - Blathering On And Explosions

Sorry about my incoherence here. I'll blame it on hunger. Shortly after recording I had some pancakes for dinner.

My podcast recommendation this week is Pod on Pod, which might be the best idea or the worst idea, depending on how many podcasts you want to listen to. Pod on Pod reviews podcasts, and is a big part of the reason my podcast listening list has grown to 154 subscriptions.

For the next 15 minutes I talk a bit about the many ways I've entertained myself this weekend, including The Fun Home, Mad Max Fury Road and Pitch Perfect.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Controversial and Curse-Filled Hoorah!

I am about to be controversial. You have been warned.

I am a proud (if not very loud compared to some) Green Party of Ontario member. I have worked on the last two provincial elections with our local candidates. In 2011 as a member of the communications team and then interim communications director, and in 2014 as the communications director both locally and provincially for the leader of the party, Mike Schreiner.

Since I discovered the party in 2007 I have voted Green in both the provincial and federal elections, but to be honest, I really don't know much about the federal party.

After the last provincial election I chose to join the local Green party executive, which operates as both our Constituency Association (provincial) and Electoral District Association (federal). I worked very hard on the last provincial election and while we didn't win the seat we made a lot of headway. Four years is a lot of time, and it would be easy to let all that headway slip away before the next provincial election in 2018. I don't want to see that happen, so I joined the executive, bought my Green Party of Canada membership and committed to acting in some way on the upcoming federal election.

So, as I mentioned, I really don't know much about the federal party. I, as many Canadians do, know that Elizabeth May is the leader of the party and that she won the first Green Party seat in Canada in the last federal election. I also know that Bruce Hyer, who was elected as an NDP member, left his party and became a Green Party member, giving us a second seat in parliament.

I've met both of these people through my work on the recent provincial election and all of my opinion of them pretty much comes from that.

Here's one part of my controversy. I don't know what to think of Elizabeth May. I know that she is a very hard worker, I know that she is a very good politician and representative for her constituents, giving many people a voice. I know that this leads to some interesting decisions on her part, like presenting a petition from people many consider to be conspiracy theorists.

My opinion of her is mostly based on what she has done in relation to the provincial elections I have worked on. To remain diplomatic and to say the least, I have definitely given her the side eye when faced with her outspokenness.

Here is the next part of my controversy. I don't know if I have changed my opinion in full, but after her speech/skit at the press gallery dinner, I have never been prouder to say she is leading the party I support.

Listen, maybe you don't know me very well, but I swear. A lot. In fact, I swear so much that an old roommate made me a t-shirt for Christmas one year which reads "I say bad words"

So, the plethora of f-bombs from the Leader endeared me to her.

On top of that, I am proud of my country and the not perfect system of democracy we have. We elect representatives to listen to us and make decisions in our best interest. Right now we have a party in power which has done their best to make our government insular, secretive, and instead of them representing our best interest, they are telling us how and what we should believe and care about. This frustrates me and it frustrates Ms. May. She spent a lot of last year doing a speaker tour to let people know, but few people listened.

And one more thing. I am a woman. I strive to grow up to be a broad. I am not some demure lady who was taught to be lady like, show respect and ne
ver speak out of turn. I have worked in very male heavy fields my entire life. I have always acted in just the same manner as the men I work with. Sometimes it shocks people, but I am simply being myself. I gave myself permission to be myself a long time ago. I am not going to change my behaviour or personality just to fit some societal norm of how a woman should act. It's been awhile since I've called myself this, but I am one classy cunt. And, at least in this case, so is Elizabeth May.

So, Ms. May, go ahead and apologize for lack of comedic timing, but please don't apologize for the sentiment.